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Full Version: DrewTopia - Town Trailer And We Need Staff!
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Drewtopia has a variety of things ranging from small windmills to tall skyscrapers! We have room for houses and appartments. We are also considering upgrading our size. We have lots of fun builds such as a plane about to crash, a police station, a hotel, a gigantic skyscraper a small village, a shop in progress and much more! Everything you need is/will be in DrewTopia.

 I am struggling to keep up with builds so i am looking for some staff to help me. I am happy to pay them but they need to be dedicated to the town! We have plenty of spots open! Houses are cheap. it depends on how big the house is but max is $500. Or you can buy a 13x13 plot for $200. We also have appartments sitting at $150 each. We also have a shop coming!

It took me some time but i finally got a town trailer going be sure to check it out! Don't forget to sub and like

If you would like to join mail me or send me a message if i am online Smile