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Full Version: Animator Rank
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I've taken the role as the server animator but, as of the time I posted this, have yet to release the first Noctus promotional animation. But when I do, I think there should be a dedicated rank.

Rank Requirements-
*At least one animation done
*Member/Novice (at least)

Features of Rank-
*Same as YouTuber rank

The first Noctus animation should be released sometime in November.


Ayyy brah!

You should probs change your forum rank to "Animator" to be taken more srsly by sum ppl. And is the animation a trailer kinda thing or just a classic animation?


Did I miss something? Not to be mean here, but when did we appoint you our official animator? I understand that you are doing something to help the server but we never said that you would hold that rank or title. We're not going to make ranks just for players that think they deserve them. It's cool that your making us animations and stuff but you aren't our designer or our animator and we won't be adding a rank for something that isn't really needed.

Thanks for going out of your way to make cool things for the server but please stop calling yourself the "Official Noctus designer/animator"


Well I either refer to myself as unofficial or simply just don't talk about whether I am official or not, really. And I call myself the Noctus animator because no-one else that I know of is also an animator willing to take the job.

However, I respect your decision and understand it is final. If you indeed would rather I refrain from calling myself the Noctus animator, official or not, then I will cease calling myself this. To be honest, I suck at animation right now after only 1 month of experience, so I might as well wait to improve before approaching such a title again.


I would rather you to refrain from calling yourself the "Noctus Animator" The only time we would like for you to call yourself that is if we do decide to endorse you.


Can he at least be the official "slayer of stone blocks"??


(10-28-2016, 11:09 PM)Khobez Wrote: [ -> ]Can he at least be the official "slayer of stone blocks"??

Lol xD.


Changed my title again