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Not using VPN nor Proxy

My name is Succii. I've had other minecraft names such as CatieFox, Itz_Malix and many more and I've been on this server for a loooooong time. But somehow I cannot get in. I wanna play on the server again. Pls help. I try to talk in the chat to get help but the god damn menu continues to pop up so it is almost impossible.  Confused And I don't use any hacks either. And I deleted my optifine and thought that would fix it. But it still is like that.

you arent meant to close the menu your meant to pick a server
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As shadow said, just click on the grass block to get transported to the survival server.

I did! I clicked the grass block and then it kicked me saying that I either use VPN or Proxy. But I do not. Nor any other things like optifine. Just normal 1.12.2

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