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Application Boogywoogums

Age: The age limitation is 14 years of age or older. Exceptions may apply.

13, date of birth however is september 27th 2004

Username: What is your minecraft in game name?


Past Usernames: What are your past names? This can be found on NameMC.

Boogywoogums Boogy Woogums BoogyWoogumsYT BoogyWoogums

Timezone: What is your Timezone?, and What county do you live in?

EST i believe

Rank: What rank do you have on the Server?

Member at the moment

Playtime: How long have you played on Noctus?, this can be found on /ar time.

1 day 2 hours 15 minutes

Discord ID: What is your Discord username? This may be kept hidden until acceptation.

That Rare Angelic Raindrop#1415 and The Drifting 6#0858

Staff Experience: What experience do you have as a Staff Member?

I have been staff in old old old servers. has been along time since then a few years but i have experience mostly as a helper and once as an admin

Abilities and Skills: What can you bring to Noctus as a staff member?

I can advertise, I have a lot of friends who play minecraft and im sure many would join the server.

Command Familiarity: Are you familiar with administration commands?

if you mean /ban /kick /tempban /mute etc. somewhat.

You join the server, and a user is spamming and flooding the chat. How do you proceed? 

Warning once. then mute if they continue. the mute is temporary

You get a report of a user using a Modified client, and find that they are. How do you deal with the situation?

I will either get higher grade staff, or temp ban them / kick them for using the client

Somebody is sprouting Racial, Sexist, or Slurs. What do you do?

Warn once, if they continue temp mute

You are asked what to do on Noctus, what do you tell the person?

I would explain how the survival works with the claim blocks, rules, and donation perks. and if they asked for creative information i would do the same

A player is breaking a more minor rule, how do you approach the situation?

more than likely i would warn them. if its minor whats the purpose of anything higher?

Where do you see Noctus going?

I feel that it is going somewhere well. I feel that it has major potential for the future.

Sorry, but for reasons we are denying your app. The application you wrote was a bit short and we felt it was shortcoming in many areas. We encourage you to re-apply, after one week hold, but we'd like for more info/detail on your application .

Staff Manager question for your next application: "How have you improved your application from last time?"

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About us was built on more then just creating a server, it was ourselves the owners wanting to make a more peaceful and family friendly place for all players to play. We and our staff understand friendship, commitment, and loyalty. We want to make every player feel welcome on our server and make sure we give them a great player experience. Creating a server where not only young teens but also parents would want to play, and want their kids to play. We welcome you all into our community, into our family and invite you to make your dreams and builds come true!