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bowdyyy staff application

Username: bowdyyy

Nick: bowdyyy (Not a nick, but would have BoWdy)

past username: none other then

age: 20

time zone; GMT England

My rank is MVP, sapphire

I played for 1 year

Discord is bowdyyy

Part 2 

Staff before: NO

Monday - Thursday 6pm-7pm or 7pm-9pm or 6pm-10pm
Friday 6pm - 12pm
Saturday 4pm - 12pm or 10am-12pm
sunday 4pm-8:30pm or 10am - 7pm

I am an engineer by trade. no managing roles other then my father runs two company's and I help out

I have not made a mistake in a few years now. but that's private
actually in game I made an iron golem spawner and made it so the iron golems survived![Image: smile.png] by accident might I add. did I rectify within the hour though.. yes

part 3

tell them about /jobs browse or mention about one of the farming methods. ( including iron golem farms)

I would need training in this scenario. by someone with experience. however I would watch the player they are on about closely and make a decision 

Spam is repeating something or saying unwanted things

We need a lot more info on the application, so now its denied. You have a one week break before you can reapply. My question for you is how would you handle someone bringing up past faults? As in they remark over past rule breaks and or actions.

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About us was built on more then just creating a server, it was ourselves the owners wanting to make a more peaceful and family friendly place for all players to play. We and our staff understand friendship, commitment, and loyalty. We want to make every player feel welcome on our server and make sure we give them a great player experience. Creating a server where not only young teens but also parents would want to play, and want their kids to play. We welcome you all into our community, into our family and invite you to make your dreams and builds come true!