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1. What is your in game name? Chaptermaster118

2. When were you banned (month/day/year)? 7/25/2018
3. By whom were you banned by? BlueComet
4. For what was your ban given? Griefing // Killing Mobs in claimed areas
5. Why should you be unbanned? To start, I have no memory of me killing any mobs, I am not claiming I didn't, yet I don't remember doing that. Second, in the rules, which I have seen time and time again, it says no griefing in a claimed area, which is a very broad term... I believe the server should be much more specific and define their definition for griefing because it is just not viewed the same by everyone. Some see it as purely destroying stuff, others can view killing mobs as part of it, but there is no true way to tell. I even looked it up after I was banned for killing mobs and all of the definitions I saw, not one included it. All I'm saying is that the server should be more thorough about it and warn against what not to do, rather than be all vague and ban people for things they did not know were against the rule. That is why I believe this was an unfair ban, the rules claim no griefing in a claimed area, which in my eyes I did not do, and because of the lack of information given by the rules, I did not know that in the eyes of the server, I was open for being banned. Please define this server's term for griefing because it can be defined differently by person to person.

You have been unbanned.

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