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DaniFelix321 staff application v2

Current in-game /nick:
Past Username(s) (any usernames you had before your current in-game name):
-I'm 14, it was my birthday on the 1st of March.
Time zone/Country:
-I live in Spain, so my time zone is CET.
What rank are you on the server?
-I'm Onyx.
How long have you been playing on Noctus?
-I started playing at the beginning of the server, in 2016.
Discord Username:
(Please be as detailed as possible when answering these questions).
If you HAVE been staff on the server before, specify what position you were, and why you resigned/got demoted:
-I haven’t been staff in this server or any other.
Specify what times of the day you WILL be online; if you have school please provide a schedule for when you can be online during your term:
Sunday: 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon.
Monday: Depending on when I finish my homework and other stuff.
Tuesday: Depending on when I finish my homework and other stuff.

Wednesday: Depending on when I finish my homework and other stuff.
Thursday: Depending on when I finish my homework and other stuff.
Friday: In the afternoon, from 16:00 to 20:00 approximately.
Saturday: 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon.

Note: this can change sometimes, like if I finish earlier on Thursday, I’d be able to play more.

What are your qualifications for being a staff member on Noctus? (Examples- past server experience, qualifications from job experience, etc.).
I haven’t been staff before in any server, but that doesn’t make that I can’t be a good staff.
I can help players and staff when they need anything, for example: If a user asks me how to get money, I can tell him some tips, or give him some if I have enough. I can also make that players don’t break rules, for example: a player starts spamming, I tell him to stop. If he continues, I warn him. Finally, if he still continues, I contact a higher staff and decide if muting or not muting him; or if a player griefs someone, I’d ask a higher staff and decide if banning or not and for how long. This is in case that I’m still a low staff. Then, if I continue being staff, I’d get experience and promote, so I don’t need to ask a higher staff.
Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year. How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (It can be Minecraft related or a real life experience).
-A few days ago, I was asking for help in a Geometry Dash server. Everyone was telling me to use tutorials, and I told them that I didn’t know which to use because there are some ones that don’t work well, so I said “I’m not idiot” and they started saying “Yes, you are”, “So why do you act like if you were?”, etc.
After that, I saw a player who was there and I got upset with him because I thought he was also doing that. But then I realized that he was just telling me to don’t use tutorials and then he left. We had a discussion because I had a misunderstood.
So I learnt to don’t blame people without being sure of something or don’t get angry with someone who didn’t do something. Now, he still thinks I’m trying to start again, but I don’t. He hasn’t learnt, but I have.
***[Enter the question posed to you by the Staff Manager(s) in your previous application]. ***
How has your application and playtime on the server improved?
I’ve added more detail to several questions, and changed some stuff from the last application. My time has increased, now I can reach the 10h weekly, so I have more time for the server. This week I’ve played for 10 hours starting from this week and the last week, 7 hours and a half (because I started playing on Friday or Saturday), that’s how my application and playtime improved.

It's May and we're finishing the month. I didn't play so much this month because I'm busy, but I'll be more active in summer.
(Please use as much detail as possible when answering these questions).

A new player logs onto the server and asks the question, ‘What is the best way to make money?’ How do you respond?
It's really easy: You should /jobs and join one, or make a farm, and you can also make it automatic, or make it bigger, so you will need to spend part of your money, but you’ll get much more selling what you win. Another way is doing /kit daily, that gives you a reward per day and 100$ when you open it. If you donate, you will get also extra money, and also get more perks and support the server. It also gives you an exclusive role in our discord. And finally, there’s usually on the 1st of each month a drop party where you can win discounts, ranks or banknotes (which are money in-game that you can use). If you don’t have much time and/or you can’t make your farm but you need money, you can visit /warp grinder, which are some grinders created by lukeskywlker19 that everyone can use, and it’s free.
Player ‘X’ contacts you and accuses Player ‘Z’ of using hacks. How do you proceed?
I’d ask X: “What kind of hacks?” If the hack he thinks Z can’t harm the server (like kill aura in creative, antiknockback in hub…), I’d tell X that it isn’t important. If he has advantages and/or harms the server, I’d ask X for proofs and spectate and check if he’s right. If Z hacks, then I’d contact a higher staff to tell me what to do with him. If he doesn’t, I’d tell X that he doesn’t.
What is this server’s definition of ‘spamming in chat’?
Spamming is sending unnecessary messages in the chat or spamming commands. Spamming is against the rules in this server and many of them. If someone spams, you should tell him to stop. If he doesn't, then warn, and finally, mute him.
“[6] No spamming is allowed (Includes letter or number spam or caps).”
-There are different kinds of spam:
   -Spam saying something in different messages:
     EXAMPLE 1: Counting
     EXAMPLE 2: Sentence
   -Message spam: repeating the same messages more than once:
        I’m selling quartz.
        I’m selling quartz.
        I’m selling quartz.
        I'm selling quartz.
   -Random spam: to say characters without meaning or reason: sdafiabgdishdfisbvt328SDVKSK
   -Character spam: repeating the same characters (reeeeeeeeeeeeee).
   -Caps: the abuse of writing in capital letters (I REALLY ENJOY PIZZA).
   -You can also consider the abuse of commands like /afk, or /nick, or spamming by /msg or /tell.

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About us was built on more then just creating a server, it was ourselves the owners wanting to make a more peaceful and family friendly place for all players to play. We and our staff understand friendship, commitment, and loyalty. We want to make every player feel welcome on our server and make sure we give them a great player experience. Creating a server where not only young teens but also parents would want to play, and want their kids to play. We welcome you all into our community, into our family and invite you to make your dreams and builds come true!