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Rotogravure Printing Machine factory

Technical parameter (Based on 6 colors)
Model DNAY800A DNAY1100A
Printing width 800mm 1100mm
Material width 830mm 1130mm
Printing cylinder diameter φ100-350mm φ100-350mm
Printing speed 120m/min 120m/min
Unwind diameter 600mm 600mm
Rewind diameter 600mm 600mm
Register accuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Total power 120KW 140KW
Weight 12000KG 13000KG
Dimension 11350*3000*3100mm 11350*3300*3100mm
Video link
Delivery time 30-40 days
Installation Engineer is available, buyer need pay the cost of visa, air tickets, accommodation, salary 100$/day/person
To run this machine, customer need prepare Power, printing cylinder, ink, solvent, material.
(3 inverter motor controlling system, one for main motor, one for infeed, one for outfeed whch can make tension close loop control and reduce the material waste to the least)
1.Whole machine PLC control with touch screen which is convenient for operation

2. Unwind and rewind double station turret with air shaft, inverter motor control, both side has auto splicing and cutting. Before one roll is finished printing, prepare another roll on the shaft, so you do not need to stop the machine to change the roll, with auto splicing and cutting, it can automatically switch to another roll, so we can save much time for changing roll and save much material waste.

3. Pneumatic heavy type doctor blade has a longer life and it can remove extra ink completely from the printing cylinder to make the printing more clear and shinning

4. Shaftless pneumatic printing cylinder installation which can save much time

5. Ink is circulated automatically by ink pump

6.Automatic computer register which can make color control precise.
Video inspection system, you can watch the printing picture by computer monitor, so that you will know the printing accuracy is good or not.
7. Double long register screw make registration accurate.

8. Independent drying and suction exhausting system, air circulated, max recycled rate 50%, waste air eliminating tunnel. External blower increase the air amount for a better heating.

9. Unwind 1 floating roller, rewind 1 floating roller to adjust the tension.

10. Heating pipe installed in the oven to heat the machine.

11. Assisted oven install on the top of last printing unit to completely dry the printing material.

12. It can be installed with turning bar to realize reverse printing.

13. Water cooling roller to cool the printing material after heating
Printing sample:
  Rotogravure Printing Machine factory

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