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False Banned

Hello everyone,

I was just chilling and chatting in hub lobby when player ThatGuyThatVapes got banned for 'Advertising'
The player who banned him was drewchef. He said he was advertising but he just asked for some help on his server.
He didn't shared ANY links or IP's from his server
I got some screenshots where he asked for help and when he got banned:


Thanks for spending time on this report.
Greetings Giantic!

Hey Giantic, I already answered you on the server but I will do it here too Smile

We banned him to PREVENT a situation that we wouldn't like, he asked for help for his server which clearly would end up with him giving out his IP. He was sending private messages to people asking them to join it.

Second, there is forums such as planet minecraft where over 5000 people can help him out, thats a better place to ''ask'' for help than on Noctus. People are free to ask other people about their opinion about certain topics, as long as it doesn't include their own servers/advertisements.

Have a great day Giantic Smile

Hey Giantic, thx for posting this, I mean, I didn't remember the name of my friend (Deathlore100x) Bc I remembered him bc of a joke I did, so idc about this report but u refreshed to me thx (PD: he was the one who banned him, not Drewchef)
Daniel F.M. 

Dont necropost, this thread is from 2 years ago.
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