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Plugins & Prison?

There is definitely a plugin for more custom enchants. That would be really great. I suggest only adding them into the Factions and upcoming Prison/KitPvP server as that would spice up gameplay by a ton. Would be great if the prison server could be done in this way. You start of at mines as usual, then instead of using tokens to upgrade your pick axe, make the mines include pick axe upgrades that cost 20% more than how much ranking up costs. So players would have to choose whether they want a pick axe upgrade or to rank up. But if you do this the server cannot be even close to being OP. The mines would have to be made in a way so that players would specifically mine for a kind of ore instead of obliterating every block they see. I hope you take this into consideration @Zoldos

Great ideas, I will note these down! Thanks a lot Smile

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