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Poll: Should there be a competitive aspect to the gamemode?
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Team PvP Mode - with map creation tactics

The suggested mode can be taken in two ways. Team Competitive and just normal Team PvP minigame.

WARNING: This is a large concept and has a lot of options to it that are able to be changed by preference, I am merely suggesting my ideas.

Base Concept:
Team PvP consists of 2 teams, or more depending on map size/setup and choice of style, made from 3-5 people that fight each other either as a mini game or tournament style. Each player from the teams would have to choose from set roster of classes each with specialties. These can be anything from a tank, healer, rogue, and damage dealer setup to more unique classes like pyros and such. The map choice is random from a set list but once chosen the teams get 1 minute of preparation. This is vital as it allows for planning rather than just jumping in head first. Once in the game goes until one team is completely dead. The rewards can vary depending on choice of the staff. If is connected to the mini game server it could reward a rank, or if its independent perhaps keys or a tag. The rewards are up in the air so all suggestions are welcomed.

Competitive Aspects:
This mode can easily become extremely competitive. Either through official planning or just player collaboration rewards can be increased to make the games more worth it. A possibility is that the Owners and high staff can lock casual games for a time and create a sign up of teams for an official competition. This competition would reward highly and be much more interactive.  Although as a coder I understand this may be quiet a challenge to create.

Maps and outside player collaboration:
I have another thread up about possibilities of players working more with the server to create maps and such out of more competitive spirit. But to rehash, admins and such can ask players that rank highly in the creative server to  help contribute a map, or if they have already a build that is up to the standard of quality, they may be asked if it can be used for a game mode. This would again help player interactions and make it much easier to have a variety of maps to play on.

The types of maps that should be available should be much more complex and not as open as traditional arenas. Teams should be encouraged to plan, stick together and work as a team rather than just go all out right away. The maps should be small to make sure games do not last too long, but big enough to allow teams to avoid immediate conflict. Larger maps may allow for more teams but that is much harder to implement.

Attached is a poll just about some aspects of the game mode which i think players should have a voice in.

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