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Creative incentives and additions

This is just basically a large list. Feel free to express your thoughts.
  • Players above the rank of Apprentice or designer should have access to more advanced commands like /fast and /mask to allow for more advanced builds.
  • A monthly theme should be chosen. Players can choose to build on this theme and the best build of the theme will be rewarded.
  • Plot sharing of two equal rank people should be allowed to qualify both if the joint build is very high quality
  • Players that show high skill should be incentivized to work with the server to provide map improvements and such for other modes.

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About us was built on more then just creating a server, it was ourselves the owners wanting to make a more peaceful and family friendly place for all players to play. We and our staff understand friendship, commitment, and loyalty. We want to make every player feel welcome on our server and make sure we give them a great player experience. Creating a server where not only young teens but also parents would want to play, and want their kids to play. We welcome you all into our community, into our family and invite you to make your dreams and builds come true!