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Clans/teams in Survival

I think there should be a way to have some sort of "clan" in survival. You could create a clan and invite players to join. The players in your clan would have access to protected areas made by other people in the same clan. You could make it cost ingame money to create a clan, and it could even give a player a banner when they join. The banner would be customized by the clan owner and the people of the clan could decorate their base with it to show that they're in that clan. They're could also be a way to share money with people.

Thanks for listening! 

I like it!

i like this too

Great idea, I always liked clans/guilds. I will try to look into this Smile

(01-15-2017, 03:50 PM)Zoldos Wrote: Great idea, I always liked clans/guilds. I will try to look into this Smile

Really??? Great! I'm glad to inspire ideas!

I love this idea !! Big Grin Hopefully they will be introduced into the server soon Tongue

LOL this Clash of Clans style or Clash Royale xD... But great idea

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