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Poll: What do you think about my idea ?
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I agree with the Idea and the price.
1 20.00%
I do not agree with the idea.
1 20.00%
I agree with the idea, but it's too expensive.
0 0%
I agree with the idea, but it's too cheap.
3 60.00%
Please putt as much bleach as you can in your mouth and swallow everything.
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Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Buyable XP

I recently died falling in lava and couldn't drink the potion in time. Died and lost 50 levels of xp aswell as a really good pickaxe, axe and armor. And a bunch of diamonds and minerals but it doesnt count.

Basically I would like XP bottles to appear at /warp mall. Could be 64 bottles for 75$. It would make it easier to get xp since most of us dont want to go coal mining for 30 minutes just to ge a few levels.

I kinda like the idea, but takes the experience out of survival (pun intended). I just think you should mine/slaughter mobs to get the exp, instead of that. Thanks for suggesting ideas. :D

I prefer the idea +1
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