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Post Apocalyptic Build Contest

Post Apocalyptic Build Contest

Hosted By: Sloth

Contest Description: Set the theme for your creative build on Post Apocalyptic. How would the world be when all falls to ruins? You show me what the world has become with your awesome builds of an apocalyptic world!

-Must be made in /creative server.
-On a fresh plot 120x120.
-Most impressive build wins.
-Try to use as little world edit as possible.

-Comment in this thread saying if you intend to enter a submission.

-1st Place , MVP+ Global Rank
-2nd Place, MVP Global Rank
-3rd Place, 1000$ in game cash  (From Sloth)

-All builds must be announced / completed before judging day (Sunday, January, 29th)
-If not completed by that date, automatically disqualified.

Sloth and fellow staff, will be judging this competition. Best of luck! Big Grin
If you need another plot to build on ask Zoldos or Sloth!

ill give it ago Smile prob wont be anygood but worth a shot

I'll either try to build, or help make sure no one is cheating  <3

Ill give it a try... my In game name is xXPandaGamezXx.... and I would like to enter....

I'm going to give it a shot. I'm aiming for at least third place even though i'm probably gonna suck.

I'll enter.

I'll Join. ign: rookieblue22
its my second plot

busy month for me so wont build. but I will match Sloths 1k and put 500 for second and 250 for 3rd.

im in ill try my best. thats all u can ask for isent it right ;P

I am entering the competition!
IGN: shadowlock
How to find my submission:
/plot visit shadowlock 3
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