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Post Apocalyptic Build Contest

You know what, I think I have changed my mind...
Im gonna enter!

IGN : Jimoto_San

My plot : /plot home Jimoto_San 4

Good luck everyone else who is entering!

i will give it a go and see if i win      Big Grin

It ends tomorrow.
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I was only ab!le to build on one day sadly, but I am happy with what I got... So I'll count it as finished even though I would've liked to be able to add a bit more... It's fine! Tongue

I'm entering with this information:

IGN: rafaellabbe
Plot: 3rd plot. (/plot h rafaellabbe 3)

Plot info: You can see a giant and a wizard fighting. A chicken being eaten by a giant centipede like thing and a spaceship with survivors above the giant's head. Alot more things can be found on the plot.

There was almost no WorldEdit involved in the building of this plot. The only thing world-edited was the floor, which I set to brown/gray clay. EVERYTHING else was hand-built.

Entering here
IGN: MonkGyatso_
Submission; Its the tiny plot within my /plot visit Monkgyatso_ 1
Post-apocolyptic abandoned castle, ransacked and left burning.

I am entering the contest
my IGN is _Hello_Panda_
my plot is 4;10

IGN: Lotoke
plot : -14;11
It's the tiny thing in the corner Smile

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Luke for helping with judging plots. Here are the winners of the contest as follows:

1st: rookieblue22
2nd: shadowlock
3rd: Jimoto_San

Winners contact Sloth or Zoldos in game to receive your prizes! 

GG to all good builds.

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