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i would like too see some new stuff for minigames for example a claw machine game and some more arcade stuff and another really fun thing that i would like is too add a plugin of a sort that a lottery/jackpot betting game that u bet a amount and  u get a % chanse of winning or losing like in real life betting tho this is in mc of course Tongue and the higer  u bet the higer chanse u get off winning something butevrytime someone bet for example if i bet 100 it gose too the jackpot and it grows bigger  and bigger evrytime someone bet. i think that would be a fun but at the same time not so hard thing too bring in

We are redoing the minigames when we finish up the dungeons and all the other stuff we have on the to do list Smile

egg wars please ?

(01-16-2017, 08:15 PM)basonbox Wrote: egg wars please ?

It's a custom game only on 1 server, so it cannot be used without game steaing and also it is very hard to code.
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