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Town Guide


Its time to make your own town! This will be your guide to start your own town, if you have any futher questions feel free to ask in the comment section!

As we all know a sponge claim provides a 15x15 protection which does not the major options when it comes to utilizing its place regarding auto farms, farmland farms etc. Therefore, many people are interested in some larger plots which you can buy / sell in towns. In a town you have large automatic farms which your citizens can use. A town can also have a metro that can drive people out to the various parts of the town. Or you could make a casino that would gather all the residents at a party. Town license is sold for 20k which gives you a lot of good benefits. You can purchase your town license at the mall. 

Please be aware, you can only own 1 town and co-own 1 town, but you can be caretaker on as many as you wish.

How to build your town:

First and foremost, you must purchase a command block which can be purchased at /warp mall.

This command block makes your city verified, therefore it must be stored in a chest to be able to be easy to find in your town spawn. If your command block is not in your chest, your protection is removed.

Once you have purchased your command block contact an Admin/Owner which will see if your localization is good enough, some issues for localization denial would be if there is any other towns close.

When your localization is verified Admins will make a 150x150. Now you need to tell the Admin/Owner the name of your new town. The example could be: '' Jade Town ''

You will be asked where you want your public warp which gives people easy access to get to your town. This warp should preferably be in your towns spawn. Your warp will be named the same as your town, so in this case it will be /warp (your town name)
An example would be /warp JadeTown - This will lead you to where you have asked an Admin/Owner to put it.

Requirements for town spawn:

- As mentioned before have a command block in a chest at your towns spawn point.

- Signs that tells who is the owner and who is the caretaker for the town an example could be:

Sign 1:

Owners of Jade Town:

Sign 2:

Caretakers of Jade Town:

- Make signs in/under the spawn which says how many people you have in your town, with names and their plots. We will add some monthly rewards for the towns which have the most residents in the future. So to be a part of this it is a good idea to do this already.


As mentioned before you can sell plots in your town, but how do you make the protection for your citizens?

If you wish to sell 20x20 plots in your town you need to make the borders around the plot of some kind of material that does not match the surface block. So if you have grass as the top layer use stonebricks/wood/slabs as an example.

All plots in your town needs to be made before you can ask a Admin/Owner to protect it. We don’t want to protect one single plot every hour unless someone really needs it.

There is some fees to get a plot protected, this means that an Admin/Owner wont protect your plots for free. 
The fee prices are as follows:

1. Plots UNDER 30x30 - 0.25$ per block

Example: 25x25: 25*25 = 625 blocks in total = 625*0.25 = 156.25$

The price for a 25x25 protected area by an Admin/Owner is = 156.25$ in total.

2. Plots OVER 30x30 - 0.5$ per block

Example: 45x45: 45*45 = 2025 blocks in total = 2025*0.5 = 1012.5$

The price for a 25x25 protected area by an Admin/Owner is = 1012.5$

The math line goes as following:

(Plot size * Plots size) * (per block price) = The price of the protection.

Upgrading your town:

When your town is running good, you have almost used up all your space on plots, farms and such. To expand it there is some fees, to expand your town you need to have the money ready for an expansion before contacting an Admin/Owner.

Town prices:

150x150 - $20.000


250x250 - $20.000

350x350 - $50.000

750x750 - $70.000

1000x1000 - $100.000

So when you have purchased your first town license for 20k, it would cost an additional 20k to get the 250x250 protection, a total of 40k. A total of 90k for 350x350. A total of 160k for 750x750. A total of 260k for 1000x1000. These are the prices for going straight to the upgrades. You have to pay for each before going to the next. This was updated to be more clear.

You cant skip upgrades, this means that you can't just upgrade from your regular townlicens 150x150 to a 750x750. You need to pay through all the upgrades.


Zoldos bought a town license for 20k

Zoldos upgrades to 250x250 for 20k - (Spent a total of 40k)

Zoldos upgrades to 350x350 for 50k -  (Spent a total 90k)

Zoldos upgrades to 750x750 for 70k - (Spent a total of 160k)

Zoldos upgrades to 1000x1000 for 100k - (Spent a total of 260k)

Service/extras when purchasing a town (optional):

1. Town walls: 

When you have purchased your town you might want to prevent monsters from coming into your town, therefore we will make a cobblestone/stone wall around your protected area for 2k.

2. Flattening

Flattening out your whole town area can take a while, therefore you can get your whole town flattened. There are various prices depending on the landscape. The Admin/Owner is the one to judge the price.

Plains almost flat = $1000 - $2000 
Mountains = $3000 - $4000

3. Warps

There is a max of 4 warps, multiple warps can be used for stuff like: Mall, metro, mob farms etc. You will get a public warp when your town is being approved which is the first out of your four warps.
To buy an additional warp you must contact an Admin/Owner - The warps cost $2500 each.

4. Set the town land after land clear

You can set the floor of your town after a land clear to either all dirt or all grass

1. 150x150: $1,500
2. 250x250: $3,500
3. 350x350: $5,000
4. 750x750: $7,500
5. 1000x1000: $10,000

Suggestion List:

Possible Facilities:

-Grinder: Blaze, Zombie, Skeleton

-Passive Mob Farm: Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken

-Horse Stables and Breeding Center

-Slot Machine

-Auto Potion Brewers

-Chest Shops - Mall

-Pre-built Houses

Possible Fun Buildings:


-Race Tracks for Horses, Boats, Pigs

-Archery Range

-Jousting Lanes

-Horseback Combat Arena

Possible Events:

-PVP Tourneys

-Racing Events

-Drop Parties

That's it! If you have any questions regarding towns you can post it below. 

You can also post your town in the Town section. Use this place to advertise your town and you can post upgrades there too. Such as: ''Today we added a new Metro system! Come and try it today!''

Best regards

The Staff team


250x250 - $20.000''

The price of the upgrade have been lowered by 10k!

You can now choose to pay to set the floor of your town to grass or dirt for a price. This is in the main post but I will paste it here.

4. Set the town land after land clear

You can set the floor of your town after a land clear to either all dirt or all grass

1. 150x150: $1,500
2. 250x250: $3,500
3. 350x350: $5,000
4. 750x750: $7,500
5. 1000x1000: $10,000

how big is this page sir xD

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