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/buy crates items inside

yesterday i bought 3 ledgendary keys

out of each one i got...

1. 64 ench apples

2. pig spawner

3. lappis blocks

i dont want to sound ungrateful but i just feel if we pay our own money they should be abit better items i could buy 10 pig spawners with ingame money so just to get that in a ledgendary crate was annoying sorry for the rant

Hey, I have recently made a new file for the crates (meaning the items change a bit). It seems like I haven't got the new file loaded, which I thought I did.

You cant win Lapis in the legendary crates, so I doubt you got that one. And the Golden Apples is 164 which is a good amount of gapples Smile

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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