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Mob Arena Build Contest

Building will end at Noon(Time in EST) Febuary 28th so that you have a specific time to finish before.

The judges will judge that time and the rest of the day and the winner(s) will be announced 3/1/2017

/plot v ghost_runner 2 is my mob arena plot that I would like to submit.

/plot bowdyyy 2

(02-09-2017, 11:14 AM)lukeskywlker19 Wrote:
Mob Arena Build Contest

i started to build my mob arena on my second plot.

Hosted by:Noctus Administration

The Noctus Administration is pleased to announce our latest contest! Do you enjoy playing Mob Arenas? Do you have an idea you think we should add for an arena? If you do so, you will get a chance to build a personalized mob arena for the Noctus Community with your touch of style.


1. Must be built in the /creative server!
2. Must use a fresh plot on /creative (A sr-mod+ is able to give you one if you cannot claim more)
3. The most impressive builds will be the winner!
4. World Edit is allowed in minimal use. The less you use and add more detail by hand the better it will be!
5. Arenas should be 60x60!



1st place: MVP Rank
2nd place: $10 Voucher (for the Noctus Network store)
3rd place: $5 Voucher (for the Noctus Network store)

(If you think 2nd place prize is more valuable, remember global ranks give you ranks across ALL servers even though it is $10 dollars its value of items is more than a $10 voucher)


- All builds must be announced and or completed before judging day (Tuesday, Febuary 28th).

- If your build is not submitted or completed by the 28th, it is automatically disqualified.

Many staff will be judging in this competion! The Noctus Administration wishes you the best of luck!

Also, feel free to ask any questions or concerns and we are gladly to help you and use the following hashtag #NoctusMobArena2017 to share your builds with us and others! Also, support us on Twitter @OfficialNoctus to spread the word around to your family and friends.

I'll enter.


DramaticArts ( Now Back to MrFishlips )

Plot: 4

Good luck everyone entering.

*Edit* Finished my arena, come check it out if you want Smile

./plot v DramaticArts 4

(02-24-2017, 06:56 PM)1Lilyboo1 Wrote: I think Ill join the contest :3

I sent you a /mail on the creative server asking what plot you think your submission will be on. i.e /plot v example 2 You can either respond here or via /mail in-game

/plot v PingoBoo

Good Luck!

Please can I join? /Plot home swordskiller 3

/plot h:1 lotoke

Sadly I could not finish it, however if I am still chosen as one of the winners I'd be happy to finish it before it is implemented as a map for the mob arena.

(02-28-2017, 07:34 AM)Lotoke Wrote: /plot h:1 lotoke

Sadly I could not finish it, however if I am still chosen as one of the winners I'd be happy to finish it before it is implemented as a map for the mob arena.

There is still 9 hours till closure my friend

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