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New Bosses Suggestion (Possibly Rework)

Currently we have 4 bosses, which is categorized from Difficulty I to IV. I feel the lack of teamwork and can be done purely by one person, if your decent in PVM (Player vs. Monster).

Current Bosses
  • Name: Skeleton Boss
  • Boss Difficulty: I
  • Keep Items: enabled
  • Name: Roth
  • Boss Difficulty: II
  • Keep Items: enabled
  • Name: Atiesh
  • Boss Difficulty: III
  • Keep Items: enabled
  • Name: Volkhan
  • Boss Difficulty: IV
  • Keep Items: enabled
So my idea, I would like to propose:

Boss Difficulty: Level 1
  • All the current bosses will be categorized in Level 1
  • Keep Items: enabled
  • Requirements: none
  • Enable teleport: yes
Boss Difficulty: Level 2
  • Keep Items: disabled (All Items will be lost upon death).
  • Requirements: Complete Boss Difficulty Level 1
  • Enable teleport: yes
Boss Difficulty: Level 3
  • Keep Items: disabled
  • Requirements: Complete Boss Difficulty Level 2
  • Minimum Players: 3 (Reward will be split evenly towards 3 players).
  • Enable teleport: yes
Boss Difficulty: Level 4
  • Keep Items: disabled
  • Requirements: Complete Boss Difficulty Level 3
  • Minimum Players: 3
  • Enable teleport: no (Cannot teleport away from mob arena).
Boss Difficulty: Level 5
  • Keep Items: disabled
  • Requirements: Complete Boss Difficulty Level 4
  • Minimum Players: 5 (Reward will be split evenly towards 5 players).
  • Enable teleport: no

Ideas to build upon
  • Once the player has completed, each level of Boss Difficulty they will enable a perk, which can be only activated inside the Mob Arena.
  • Once the player has completed all the bosses, they will receive a [Slayer Master], rank recognition for defeating all bosses. You can enable or disable it.
  • Higher Boss Difficulty can introduce multiple waves of Mobs, before venturing to the final boss.
Any constructive feedback, or build upon my idea would be much appreciated.

looks like a big job. nice idea
I suppose you just want to change it so once you have killed one of these boss's that are currently ingame, for the higher difficulty levels either increase the same bosses health. or have two or three of them spawn after killing the first one.
and for rewards yes a title rank seems cool, maybe that could follow you into the new dungeons that are coming. allowing for new dungeons to be accessed or even special perks for those.
making anybody doing these bosses prepping themselves for the dungeons.
maybe unlock some new quests once the Slayer MASTER has been unlocked.
even have access to a new building that actually sells enchanted weapons
this could be a huge upgrade to the survival server. this would be awesome.

I love this idea Akiraff, sounds really fun :3. I think this would be a great enhancement to survival.

I like this idea, but a perk of some donator ranks is you keep items. Would the higher level bosses take that away?

Yeah I kinda like the idea too. However this is the way I want the dungeons to work. So you need to be 5 to queue up for a dungeon together Smile I really like the suggestion tho. And we could make it so that you needed to kill the first boss to be able to kill the others (achivements). Great ideas!

Here is ''The to do list'' on bosses:

1. Boss have abilities like Knockback target change, root, arrows
2 Cant be knockbacked <-- Is it possible?
3. More aggressive so you cant stay from distance and just shoot arrows (maybe attack nearest person)
4. Add effects such as fireballs and enderdragon lingering potion balls
5. Teleport around to random people while fighting it (like seen on enderman)

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