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New Item in the store

I think for the extra spot on the top floor for the mall/shop should be Ender Pearls. They are very useful and can help alot of people I think 16 Ender Pearls should be about $50-75 in game money.

If you think they should add this vote Yes if not no.

Staff this vote will end March 20, 2017

Please look staff



Hmm I say +1 due to people buying epearls off others at the moment.
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i say no , use village spawners and get the correct trade for buying ender pearls?

Well you can get ender pearls by killing endermen, and there's plenty of them in end, not that hard to get..
You can take /warp end
To get there.
I think its not really a need to put it in the shop.
~ ShadowAnna

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