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1. THIS IS MY GOLDEN ONE! Get rid of every food type in the mall and remove all farming resources. ( Reason** Bring more of a light on towns. )

No. We are not a Pay to Win Server, and we will never do this. Towns are meant to have plots where players can live and lower-priced shops in the towns where the players collect the resources therefore being able to sell them for cheaper.

2. Have a town advertisement/ monthly best town host area.

If the survival gets more popular, we may expand our town advertisement spot or advertisement spot behind where you /spawn. A monthly best town competetion would be difficult to hold unless a dedicated staff member made a poll with entered towns for that month.

3. Auction old towns. I have seen a plugin on another server which allowed players to buy pre maid building and huge painting like the monalisa maybe this type of plugin could be used or just auctioned on forums

I don't think towns should be auctioned off. A player could be offline for 2 months for exams then return to a loss of control of their town and they might of had plans for it. Abandoned towns also adds to the history of the server, players can stumble across an abandoned town and see what old players built and get inspiration from it.

4. Add something to the donor VIP shop. We need grey dye added or ink sacks but stacks of 64 for  for $100

You can buy them from the mall for ink sacs. Then you can combine that with bonemeal from bones at the shop for grey dye. The VIP shop is meant to be a little boost to players who donate, but not a huge difference where you can succeed on noctus without it.

5. (SEEMS BIG) The mob arena ranking system that was suggested.

The Mob Arena is meant to be a place to earn money, not best other players.

6. End reset been 4 months since the last reset

End resets are rare to happen as the materials in the end are very valuable and are able to easily destroy and economy. There will most likely be one in the future, but there is no guarantee when.

7. Maybe a few of us could then build a shulker farm farm in the end, and have an admin put the shulker spawners in.

Just like my last answer, this can easily destroy and economy. Shulker boxes are like backbacks and are very OP, plus you can carry some in an enderchest then more in your inventory.


Okay so as we know there is ink sacks for sale in the mall.
Im requesting we have a sell option in the VIP SHOP

I've done some calculations on ink sacks and related items, and a stack of 64 grey wool would cost $658
Funny enough i then donated $5 to recieve a Squid Spawner.

I think the option to sell in the VIP SHOP would make perfect sense.
and if i could give a price too sell at I would say $100 per 64 stack

Considering they are $10 per one.
and before purchasing the spawner i requested they sold them cheaper, in the mean time im going to try and sell some to other players.

With the knowledge that these spawners cannot be bought in game, and are only for donators and the option to sell them is restricted to Sapphire donors, i think its a pretty fair request to have them on a sign in the shop.

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auctioning towns was my idea D:

Bump ***

New Suggestion:

Add Sheep Spawners to /spawner

"There is cows why not sheep

Other suggestion:

Add a 2304 B:
option to coal in the VIP SHIP
or a 1500 B:

( So buying coal does not take that long that i go afk and feel like im spending my whole life in the shop )
We should have a Buy in bulk option,
We have the option to Sell in bulk?

Bump** New suggestion above

Bump** Added another suggestion above

BUMP ** New suggestions


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