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some random stuff


Hey guys i got some suggestions that i think would be a nice addition to the server.

1. Maybe we could add like a challenge kind of thing that resets maybe every week or 24H and it is that you have to get thru a very very hard maze kind of thing and at the end of it it's a big treasure for the one who gets it first. {Want more information so feel free to contact me}

2. Maybe bring in some events that acure at random times of the Days that will bring the people together for example a fishing Contest. idk those that  need mcmmo?.

This sounds great devil, The servers reached 49% of its donation goal.

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About us was built on more then just creating a server, it was ourselves the owners wanting to make a more peaceful and family friendly place for all players to play. We and our staff understand friendship, commitment, and loyalty. We want to make every player feel welcome on our server and make sure we give them a great player experience. Creating a server where not only young teens but also parents would want to play, and want their kids to play. We welcome you all into our community, into our family and invite you to make your dreams and builds come true!