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Poll: Do you want Survival mode in Creative?
Yes I would love for there to be a Survival gamemode in creative
No I Don't ever want to see a survival gamemode in creative
Eh, I don't know I say let the Developers decide!
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I want there to be survival mode in creative

I think survival will go well with creative since you can do more fun activities in the creative server and plus if its added it will be a unique aspect of creative since barely any creative servers have it and will come to this creative since it contains that aspect. I want this to be a thing since I have ideas that involve survival like an arena or an arena maze and other stuff like that.

I mean what could go wrong?

EDIT: I made a poll so choose which one you want.

Thanks for taking your valued time to read this.

I personally don't think that survival should be an aspect in creative, but I'm not the judge of that. That is for Dev's and owners to decide. So it is only a wait and see sort of thing.

Useful for making mini adventure maps in creative if a /survivalmode was added to creative.
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