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Creative Commands

Heyo, Alpha_Soccer here. I have a concern about the Creative WorldEdit commands, I do a lot with terra-forming with WorldEdit and/or Voxel Sniper and recently I have discovered some commands that I don't have permissions to use. These include /mask air, //tree, and some Voxel Sniper commands as well. I don't know if its a bug or a purposeful restriction of certain commands, but as a person who uses these (very helpful) commands a lot I am a little disappointed that I cant use them to build. Now if this is just a bug, I'd be glad to be the person to report it, but if its not I'd like to suggest allowing members to use the command(s). If you require reasons, I cant say I have any good ones, but I do know that these can be very useful to all players and members. Especially for people searching for a realistic, natural looking environment when building the commands would make it easier then to do it manually. With that I think they should be offered to all players, Thank You for listening - Alpha_ 

You are required to purchase limitless W/E to use those.
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You'll get more commands when you rankup. In the builder ranks for players, etc. Apprentice, Designer, Architect... and more.
FYI.And voxel sniper, only Builders have.. Smile

Okay! Thank you guys Big Grin

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