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Feedback/Request on recent change to creative server

Hey Noctus Players,

I'm going to discuss something that I have recently just discovered, this change is something I strongly detest and would kindly ask/recommend to reverse.

Certain Worldedit commands only exclusive to certain ranks.

Why do I hate this change?

The only thing that kept me going on the server was its endless freedom of worldedit. I had //brush //mask everything you could imagine as a Guest rank. Currently I'm a novice rank on the server, around February - March is when I discovered the server, however I took a break from April to May due to school. I remember me playing long nights and hours on the creative server working on my plot, redesigning stuff and interacting with the players. I loved what was going on, even though the server is small which actaully appeals to me because of its community and how easy to spot and say, 'hey that's a noctus player!'. 

Now, here I am as a novice not having access to these commands. I literally only have one tool called //target which is totally useless, the rest? I can view the options of //mask and make multiple brushes on the same object, when I only have one useful brush. Seriously? Wheres the freedom I once had as a player, I can't even use basic brushes to finish my plot. This really upsets me, I loved having that freedom and now it's taken away from me. Doing this just takes the freedom away from players and in a way I can see you're trying to give ranks some meaning. Yeah, wrong move there. Instead you're making me want to make this post on why I hate this current change, you're taking the aspect of 'creativity' from your server called 'creative' and you put limits on it for the user to only peform basic commands and has to rankup to use certain brushes. How are they supposed to submit something impressive without it? I'm not the type of guy who submits something for the rank, I submit for its variety of creativity and it's context.

As I said, this is overall the worst change. I'm not sure if it was only to give ranks some meaning so if there is any other context behind this change, please do explain it to me so I can understand at where you're trying to get at.

Why do I love Noctus?

I hated taking the hiatus away from Noctus, I wanted to comeback as soon as possible and continue my build in June - July. The server gave me freedom and with it's great community and staff members it made the experience I imagined. I love the server because of these reasons and I really want to come back into the community, however with this recent change I'm re thinking my plan for the summer and what to do exactly.

Why bring the freedom of certain worldedit commands back to guest/novice?

Let the player express his/her creativity with the freedom of the plugin, limiting it only takes it away. Let players start and finish their projects because they want to showcase it to the community. In this context this relates to myself. Bringing it back will do good on the player base, now you're wondering what should we replace it with? Well it's easy.

What can be replaced in compensation if changed?

- Suffixes
- More plots.
- Colored chat
- Special features in another server
- Posted of the picture posted on the main website
Theres lots more than to limit a plugin for rank independence here folks, think outside of the box other than limiting world edit.


Overall I'd like this incorporated idea to be reversed into its previous state. I don't want the server to lack its freedom and it's power to open the creative minds of players and get them motivated.


More plots are gained as you rank up through the ranks, ex
novice to apprentice, from buying a global rank/designer and event plots. Colored chat is not a option but once you become a novice your chat color goes from white to gray. As of suffixes no one will have suffixes on noctus, as said by zoldos the former owner and electro. And guests do not get special features in the server for not donating.
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