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Hades's /nick giveaway!

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Hello dear users of the Noctus community. My name is Konungen99 and im a proud member of the Noctus server since yeah... a long time. I have began to think that a giveaway for the community would be a fun thing to do so why not waste myself some money out of my own pockets to giveaway /nick to a lucky user of the minecraft server

It's very simple to enter all you have to do is to type you're IGN username into the comments ONCE! if you post twice then you will not be entered!.

i will take each username and add a number to each of the usernames and use 

How many can enter?: 30
How many wins?: 1 
Can you enter twice?: no
Does Hades senpai pay /nick out of his own pockets?: YES. 3dollars!.
Will i make future giveaways?: Maybe.


My IGN is: iShyCookie

E N G L A N D I S M Y C I T Y  Big Grin

My IGN is: MysticLOL (i am 7uz/basicallymystic i just changed my name)

shadowlock. Im not dead I just play too much KOTOR 2 xD
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Long time Player
Videogame Extraordinaire

(07-23-2017, 03:48 PM)Shadowlock Wrote: shadowlock. Im not dead I just play too much KOTOR 2 xD

You need to be active whitin the server to win the price. There is or wouldn't be a point in it if you don't play on the server Big Grin

Big Grin Hello Hades

(07-24-2017, 11:22 AM)SupremeGamer123Real Wrote: ING:SupremeGamer123
Big Grin Hello Hades

You have been entered to the giveaway!

IGN: _rura_

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