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Minigame ideas

Singleplayer minigame ideas:

Mob arena (with differcultys like parkour)

Redstone puzzles (the glass floor puzzles with pistons and repeaters etc)

Elytra time trials (Fly around rings and see how long it takes you to beat the obsticale courses.)

Hangman (also self explanitory)

Singleplayer Fix Ideas:

Make other players invisible and non interactable. its single player after all and this way you wont be able to sabbatoge others on stuff like parkour

(This isnt a fix idea im just putting it here) Scoreboards for best times on parkour levels and possibly elytra time trials if its added

Multiplyer Minigame Ideas:

Spleef (choices between snowball spleef shovel spleef or T N T spleef)

Paintball (whichever color of the 4 players in a lobby cover the most of the map will win)

Kit Pvp (self explanatory and why not?)

(i forget the name of this last suggestion but 2 teams blue and red make bases and arrows destroy blocks. the first team to have all of their people killed lose)

Elytra race (going through rings in the air using an elytra. first one to the end wins!)

Pictionary (pretty self explanitory)

Multiplayer Fix Ideas:

Fix the coin giving program. Im not sure how it works on other things that are not sky wars but it damages you and can lead to knockback possibly. after all its not like MCMMO fireworks that dont damage you

Snowballs should be fixed in skywars.

Changing blocks in block hunt will be a great addition that way some blocks that arnt on a map can be switched out

Blocks such as packed ice noteblock etc shouldnt be able to be auto blocks if you cant change. to hide with thems almost impossible in block hunt

Auto align would be helpful (no clue if its in or not)

Time limit on a feather board in block hunt should be added

Blocks in block hunt should not be as OP. a low strength bow and no meelee weapons. that way there can actually be more seekers than just one and 900 blocks.

The speed of the seekers should be faster than blocks. just by a bit atleast in block hunt.

/ignore and the censor should be fixed in minigames

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