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Creative towns! (Here me out)

So my idea for creative is to have towns. These towns can be for Designers or above. There will be a worldedit schematic for a town hall and based off of your rank, there will be a certain amount of plots. The town can be customized to the Mayor's delight and the mayor can build anywhere within his/her town and trust players in plots.

Hopefully you enjoy my idea and put it into the server. ;D

Hmm well, that seems like a good idea in some way. But that means we would have to make a whole new map for people to build in the towns. I am not sure if people would like to build good on town plots they wont be ''ranked up'' for Smile

But as you probably know I like to think all ideas further, so maybe we could do something like if you get Architect you get a ''town licens'' which is like 250x250 or something and then you can build your town in another map than the plot world map?

It would put some more pressure on the staff if we had to protect every plot, but maybe we could add perms so that you just had to add people to the global protection, I mean there is no point in stealing items from chests in creative hah.

Oh well its a good suggestion. I will look into this in the future and its a good idea!

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