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Monthly Build Competition - October 2017

Hello everyone! We are continuing with the monthly build competitions!

September's Winners:
Congratulations to the winners and thanks for everyone who entered.
1st Place: SrirachaMan
2nd Place: iSwiftPvP
3rd Place: Pinkipie
Contact any Admin+ for your prizes!

October's Theme
Ancient ruins

This months build competition will be taking us back in time to explore ancient ruins and artifacts!

Good luck everyone!


1. Must be a new build, no re-using old material

2. Must be made on the creative server (/creative)

3. Avoid overuse of worldedit

4. The most fitting and impressive build wins

5. All builds are due on the last day of the month 

6. Winners announced when the next theme is announced

~~~~~To enter either inform vohveliBOI or Comment on this thread~~~~~
Be sure to include the plot you are submitting

1st Place ~ MVP rank
2nd Place ~ $10 Voucher
3rd Place ~ $5 Voucher

Im entering with my 6th plot.

Yooo, thanks for 3rd place ! Really appreciate it Big Grin

Also gonna enter on my 5th plot
IGN is Pinkipie

Thanks again !

EDIT: Actually, I really don't have time to build this, I forfeit and hope everyone has fun! Thanks Smile

I'll enter! ./Plot visit MrFishlips 11

Also congrats to all winners

PS. Surprised the theme isn't Halloween/spooky Tongue

I will be Doing this on My 10th plot

Hi, my name is iSwiftPvP and I will be entering this completion.
/plot h iSwiftPvP 4

Hi, I am Always1Sophie and i will be entering the competiton. /plot v Always1Sophie 3
Plot 3 is the plot im using

I'll enter with my 4th plot Big Grin
/plot h iShyCookie 4

When is Novembers one coming out?.. its been ages

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