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/warp wild

When you do the command /warp wild it teleports you to portals of biomes. I think this is great! But when you go in the biome portal  it teleports you to a set location. I think it should spawn you to a random location in that biome. Or if that is not possible just do a command or something to go to a random location because when you go to the biome its really populated and so it would be because it spawns everybody there. This doesn't work for some people because they want to find a place that nobody goes. Even if you did walk away a fair bit to then make a house or whatever you want to build it will still not be hard to find. Not much more to add
 cheers, Drew.  Smile

I get what your saying lol its only there so you can simple get resources from them. To add it to where you can spawn randomly in that biome would be almost impossible. But to get to a random area in the world just do /rspawn wild It will teleport you to the wild Smile

Oh thanks, i didn't realise. At least i know now Smile

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